Ep. 352 Tools & Tactics For Eliminating Insecurities, Fears and Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back With Women (Re-run)

Long title but that's because it's all true.  On this episode, we have Social Scientist and data analyst Chris Vaccaro to discuss tools and tactics for eliminating insecurities, fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back with women AND life.  This episode was one of my favorites so far because as you know I LOVE learning new ways to coach yourself out of issues.... and I love hearing that many of the teachings I have are also used by scientists ;-)  Please listen to this episode and then DO what is said.  Try everything and see what happens.   We have a bunch of resource links below for you to read more about the tools and tactics discussed in this episode.  Enjoy!

Guest: Chris Vaccaro - Contact info: ChristopherBrewster19@gmail.com


Self-Desensitization Instructions: The most proven method to reduce phobias, anxiety, and fear

Systematic Desensitization - A Guide to Psychology and it’s Practice

Wikipedia - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Wikipedia: Acceptance and commitment therapy

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