Ep. 345 Style & Dating Advice For Short Guys | Why Women Are WILDLY Attracted To Shorter Men

Will women date short men?  Does height really matter to women? If I'm shorter than average, how can I get a leg up in the looks department and be attractive to women?  These are the questions we cover on today's podcast. Brock McGoff joins us to tell us why women actually like shorter men better than taller men AND how to be confident about your height. 

Brock delivers some amazing advice on how to build your confidence about being short and how to improve your style so that your height is never an issue. We also discuss: 

- Easy ways to improve your style/appearance

- Confidence and why "be more confident" is bad advice

- Life as a shorter guy - style, dating, career, etc.

And so much more!

Guest: Brock McGoff - https://www.themodestman.com/

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