Ep. 337 Signs She's Flirting With You & The Art of Nuance

Nuance.  Social Cues.  Body Language.  These are all very tough things for most people to read. Which is why today's episode has an amazing expert, who I also called friend, to explain how to read ALL signs she's flirting.  We dive into what nuance means and why it's SO important to helping you understand the signs she's flirting with you. 

Our guest is the amazing Suzanne Tabachnick owner of Social Foundations. 



Suzanne Tabachnick is the owner and founder of Social Foundations.

Suzanne has over 15 years of experience as a professional social learning coach, working with children and adults that experience social challenges due to Autism Spectrum, ADHD, and Anxiety.  Suzanne is also a mother of 2, with an adult child on the spectrum.

Guest Suzanne Tabachnick

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