Ep. 282 How To Emotionally Connect To Women & Create Trust

Whether you are DEEP into a relationship with a woman or just starting out, establishing TRUST through an emotional connection is key.  IF you do not know how to do this, your relationship will fizzle out faster than those old school hard rock candies ;)

On this weeks episode we have couples therapist and host of The Make More Love Not War Podcast Terah on the show to teach us about A.T.T.U.N.E.  John Gotlieb's helpful tool for how to connect to women and create trust.  A.T.T.U.N.E. is not just for you to use on women you are dating or in a relationship with. It's for all women.  Mom, sister, co-workers.... every women will respond to A.T.T.U.N.E. 

Even if you are a woman you will love this episode. 

Guest: Terah Harrison LPC - Host of The Make More Love Not War Podcast

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