How To Know When She's DTF

Continuing with our blast from the past, we pull up an awesome old episode where a big group of ladies reveal how guys can tell when a woman is DTF (down to f*ck). It's also the very first time Adam Gilad was ever on our show. I actually remember him coming on the show and being blown away by the way he delivered his advice. It was so clear and concise and easy to follow.  We talked with Adam about how to date younger women, which he is the master at. He's close to 60 and is always dating women in their 20's and 30's. He also threw out tons of tips and tricks for how to date online and make every woman want to get you offline. On this weeks show we also discussed and over analyzed: 1. Signs women give that tell a man they only want to be casual 2. 3 things about online dating most men don't know 3. How to write a profile that makes women write to you first 4. The key to writing a great profile And so much more!! Guest: Adam Gilad For more tips, tools and advice on how to attract, date, --- Support this podcast:

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