How To Get Women To Do What You Want Ep. 217

Time for another blast from the past with one of our first ever podcasts. To this day Stone Cold Steve Austin is still one of my favorite guests and it's not for the reasons you think. I remember being so impressed with Stone Cold because he had so many different sides to him which made him extremely interesting and strangely attractive. Not sure if I'm supposed to reveal this cause it may ruin his "bad boy" image BUT Steve's actually one of the nicest men I have ever met. His public persona would make you think other wise but he was the sweetest, nicest man I've ever met and all of us girls were in love with him by the end of the podcast.  YES we were attracted to him even though he was nice, respectful, and very polite! Steve was open and ready for anything me, Kristen and Haely threw his way. Nothing was off limits for discussion which is how we like it. Steve revealed to us: - How he gets women to do ANYTHING he wants - What went wrong in his past 3 marriages and what you can learn --- Support this podcast:

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