Episode 162: All My Friends Are Getting Married and Having Kids

The 30s are a decade where many (obviously not all) but many people experience 2 MAJOR life milestones: marriage and kids. We imagine that each of those events is like a door into a different room - on one side is the before, and after you step inside, you’re in a different room with different life circumstances - maybe kids more than marriage, but still - both are very life altering events. Mel and Janet are currently both in the same room - the one with no man and no babies! If you ever feel like all your friends are either getting married or having kids, while you’re just…not - join in on this convo! This episode was edited by Michelle Hsieh. ___________________________ L I S T E N E R S U R V E Y: Let us know your thoughts on the podcast here P A R T N E R S mentioned in this episode: - First Republic: Visit firstrepublic.com - Framebridge: Get 15% off your first order with code ABG at framebridge.com - Peloton: Visit onepeloton.com - Third Love: Get 20% off your first order at thirdlove.com/ABG - Truebill: Visit truebill.com/ABG - Waterdrop: Get 15% off with code ABG15 at waterdrop.com - Zocdoc: Get the app for free at zocdoc.com/ABG S H O U T O U T ! - Give a shoutout on the podcast here. S U B S C R I B E T O U S ! - @asianbossgirl on Apple Podcasts / Spotify / YouTube / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook - More about us at asianbossgirl.com E – M A I L U S ! - hello@asianbossgirl.com S U P P O R T U S ! - merch: asianbossgirl.myshopify.com - donation: anchor.fm/asianbossgirl/support Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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