Crime-Fighting Broad 009: Violette Szabo, Secret Agent

The ugly: Nazis. The bad: a husband killed in battle. The good: one spunky, silly, kinda-loopy, very brave young woman. Meet Violette Szabo, the secret agent who packed a machine gun…just in case she ran into any Nazis on her mission.   ___ ****STAY IN TOUCH!**** ___ Support the podcast by supporting its sponsors! Go to for 40% off Calm’s entire library of soothing meditations. Go to for 15% off sitewide. Or become a patron at Follow on Instagram: Find sources here: Music: Matthew Noble and Stereodog Productions (Dan Pierson & Peter Manheim). Intro and conclusion: “Guilty” by Richard A. Whiting, Harry Akst, and Gus Kahn, sung by Anna Telfer. Ad break:  “The Great One Step” by Victor Dance Orchestra, via Free Music Archive, licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0.  Learn more about your ad-choices at

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