Crime-Fighting Broad 005: Kathy Kleiner, Who Survived Ted Bundy

On the night of January 15, 1978, Kathy Kleiner opened her eyes to see the serial killer Ted Bundy standing over her bed. One year later, she stared him down in the courtroom, thinking, “I’m standing, now, and you’re in the bed.” This is her story, in her own words. Here’s the Vulture article about Ted Bundy that I wrote…and my profile of Kathy for Rolling Stone. *** SUPPORT THE PODCAST! Become a Patreon supporter and get a cool postcard. Get a free month of courses at The Great Courses Plus at Get 25% off your Care/of order by heading to and using code CRIMINALBROADS. And check out the new Nevertheless She Existed podcast!*** Sources: Interview with Kathy Kleiner: August 23, 2019 Music: “Guilty” by Richard A. Whiting, Harry Akst, and Gus Kahn, sung by Anna Telfer“Shake It and Break It” by Lanin's Southern Serenaders, licensed under a Public Domain / Sound Recording Common Law Protection License“Show Yourself (Living Light remix)” by Ayla Nereo, licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License and used with permission. Learn more about your ad-choices at

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