Meet our Farmer Champion Winners, Plus Quianah Upton & Stephen Satterfield

On today’s episode, we’re continuing the Georgia Organics Annual Awards celebration on May 27with a conversation between Lauren Cox, who heads up our Farm to Restaurant program, and three winning Farmer Champions: Steven Satterfield of Miller Untion, Chris Wilkins of Root Baking Co., and Stevenson Rosslow of Wrecking Bar Brewpub. We hope you join our party to celebrate these chefs on Thursday, May 27, details at 

In our second segment, we have a very exciting guest, Stephen Satterfield, chef, writer, and soon-to-be-Netflix host of “High on the Hog” in conversation with Atlanta Foodcast guest host Quianah Upton of Nourish in Black and Nourish Botanica. 

So buckle up, because today’s show is packed with excellent guests and interviewers – Enjoy the show! 

We’ll recognize winners of the Land Steward Award, the Barbara Petit Pollinator Award, and also our new Farmer Champion Award winners! We hope you join us for this celebration of chefs and farmers – To join us and learn more, visit  

This year’s debut class of Farmer Champion restaurants source from Georgia farmers every week and are being celebrated for having the Top Local and Organic spend out of 20 other participating restaurant partners. They have worked with the Farm to Restaurant program, even through the pandemic, on projects supporting farmers like Food Fight GA and the Mid-Week Pop-Up Market. Our Organic Procurement Coordinator, Lauren Cox, talks with them about how they came to source locally, their legacies in the kitchen, and how to low-key convert folks into becoming local food enthusiasts. 

First up: Farmer Champions Stevenson Rosslow of Wrecking Bar Brewpub and Chris Wilkins of Root Baking Co. 

Now we’ll continue talking to another Farmer Champion Top 3 winner in part two of this segment of the Atlanta Foodcast: Lauren Cox in conversation with Farmer Champion Steven Satterfield of Miller Union. Remember to register to attend Georgia Organics’ Annual Awards celebration and hear more from these Farmer Champion winners, register at You can find all our Farmer Champion partner restaurants throughout Georgia on our Good Food Guide by going to 

Next, guest host Quianah Upton interviews chef and food writer Stephen Satterfield, the founder of Whetstone and creator and host of the forthcoming Netflix documentary series “High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America.” This four-part series arrives on Netflix on May 26, inspired by the writing of Dr. Jessica B. Harris, and chronicles Satterfield’s exploration of the historical and cultural roots of staple foods. Today, he and Quianah discuss entrepreneurship, career paths and travel, as well as representation in the wine and food industry and recognizing the fundamental impact of African Americans on the food and identity of America. 

That’s our show for today, don’t forget to join the party as we celebrate farmers and chefs on Thursday, May 27 – secure your spot at As always, thanks for joining us and don’t forget to support your local farmers and farmers markets! You can visit Georgia Organics’ Good Food Guide to connect with farmers near you. 


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