Haylene Green & Joe Reynolds and Erin Croom & Chef Asata of Small Bites Adventure Club

On this week’s episode of the Atlanta Foodcast, special guest host Joe Reynolds, farmer at Love is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens, is talking to the legendary Haylene Green, the Garden Queen. Then we spoke to Erin Croom and Chef Asata of Small Bites Adventure Club.

First, Joe Reynolds of Love is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens (loveislovefarm.com) and former Georgia Organics board president joins us as a guest host to talk to a dear farming friend and gardening expert Haylene Green, known around the state as the Garden Queen (thegardenqueen.com), and for good reason – She is a pioneer of urban agriculture and shares her knowledge and entrepreneurship in this great farmer-to-farmer conversation.

On Sunday, March 14 at noon, Joe (along with special guests) will be hosting Spring Forward: Planning and Prepping Your Summer Garden. You can learn more about this event and register at our Good Food for Thought website: gfft.georgiaorganics.org/virtual-events. This event is free for Georgia Organics members!

In our second segment, we’re talking with Erin Croom, co-founder of Small Bites Adventure Club (smallbites.club) and Chef Asata, Small Bites’ Chef Educator and author of the recent released book, How to Feed a Kid. We spoke about their work educating children (and their teachers and parents) about good food and Georgia farmers!

Thanks for joining us this week, enjoy the show!

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