Coronavirus Chronicles - Vol. 1, Ep. 2 w/ Neal Idnani of NaanStop

Life is insane. Things move fast on any given day, but we all know this is different. We are creatures of habit and our daily routines have been completely turned upside down. It’s uncomfortable. Unknown. Unfamiliar. Damn hard and filled with hardship — and Hardship hardly captures what is going on right now. It’s hard not to feel heartbroken. The restaurants and coffee shops and businesses you, I, we all love — we all just want them to be there when all of this is over. More than anything.

The reason this podcast as started in the first place was to offer a place for local businesses, restaurants, and people to share their stories. Well, now this is part of everyone’s story — much to anyone and everyone’s chagrin. Though, distress and defeat don’t have to be the only overwhelming thought on our minds. We’re a resilient bunch and I have faith that we’ll find a way through all of this. However, there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

This morning, I caught up with Neal Idnani from NaanStop. The guys have three locations and, much like everyone else, are adapting as fast as they can to keep their business going. Here’s our chat.

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