Pat Pascarella

Pat grew up in Connecticut. He worked his way through restaurant jobs from an early age, went to college, changed courses and went to culinary school, and opened his acclaimed restaurant, Bar Sugo. After a life spent in the northeast, he and his family made their way down here to Atlanta and landed at The Optimist — pasta ever in his mind. Come 2018, he opened The White Bull in Decatur which has continued to steal hearts and appetites through pasta. Now, he and his team are working on opening Grana in Piedmont Heights. Whew!

So, there’s a quick synopsis, but it barely tells the half of it. Pat’s whole story is incredible and packed with jaw-dropping moments. Plus, Pat is just fun guy to chat with. (He needs his own podcast).

You’re going to love this episode. Here he is: Chef Pat Pascarella of The White Bull and Grana.

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