Howard & Anita Hsu - Gezzo's and Sweet Auburn BBQ

Howard and Anita are the elder siblings of the Hsu family. Growing up in the burbs of Atlanta, Henry Country, to be exact, their parents’ restaurant was home — constantly surrounded by food. If you caught Chef Ron of Lazy Betty on the show earlier this season, these two have very similar memories of their grandmother cooking for them throughout their early years.

Now, having all taken their own paths, Howard and Anita have been feeding Atlanta for years through Gezzo’s, a west coast burrito spot south of the city, and Sweet Auburn BBQ. Howard and Anita are also two of the OG on the food truck circuit here in Atlanta. Anyways, their story is wonderful. Listen, go grab a burrito if you’re down in McDonough or hit up the curb market for some smoked wings.

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