Stephen Franklin - DAS BBQ

Stephen Franklin grew up the son of a hard-working mother who cooked humble food that fed her family and a father who was an educator at Emory. Learning the ins and outs of BBQ was done at an early age by watching the every move of his father and uncles slow-smoke pork in hand-crafted pits made in Georgia. The science behind slow-smoking is what drives Franklin and propels the cuisine at his restaurant.

Now, with shop set up over on the west side of Atlanta, DAS BBQ is holding down a corner of the community with a smoke shack onsite, a modest kitchen, and a killer menu made from a space with no freezers, fryers, or anything bogus. Hard work and attention to flavorful detail make DAS worth your attention — not to mention the number of vegetarian/vegan options on the menu. No small feat and one that is truly commendable.

Stephen and I caught up before service on a weekday, talked about his background and upbringing, and went for a small tour of the smoke shack next to the dining room.

Check out their menu here.

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