Episode 32 - Billy and Chasidy Atchison of Banjo Cold Brew

It's no surprise to anyone that coffee has grown into a renaissance period and has produced multiple verticals in a short number of years. The one that has shown more staying power, brand growth, market competition, and everything under the coffee-loving sun, is cold brew. Well, Billy and Chasidy Atchison brought Banjo Cold Brew to Atlanta right as the wave started to build. These two have a great story to tell from how they met, got into the coffee business, and built the brand.

If you’d like to learn more about Billy and Chasidy’s story, their roaster they work with, or which notes you’ll pick up whilst drinking their coffee, head to their website here.

You can also visit their coffee shop in Avondale for a fresh cup of coffee. Here’s a link for some more info.

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