Ep. 138: Dr. Heather Shenkman - Treating Cardiac Disease from the Heart

Dr. Heather Shenkman has known she wanted to be a doctor since she was a young girl and today, she’s one of the top Interventional Cardiologists in the country.

You see, while Heather does perform complex angioplasties and other surgeries to open up clogged coronary arteries, she prefers to help her patients reduce their risk of heart disease through not only medication, but also a healthy lifestyle, including a whole-foods, plant-based diet and regular exercise.

Heather herself has been plantstrong since 2005 and her book, “The Vegan Heart Doctor’s Guide to Reversing Heart Disease, Losing Weight, and Reclaiming Your Life” outlines her simple path to reclaiming and living a full and active lifestyle.

Not only do we discuss facts about blood pressure, heart disease, and statins, but we also discuss specific lifestyle changes to help you become PLANTSTRONG with your whole heart.

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