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1. Functional Medicine & Where’s the Beef? [17:57]

Lisa says:

I have a double question for the healthy rebellion!  My teenage daughter really doesn’t like much meat (I think it’s a texture thing she will eat sloppy joes for some reason like a champ as well as fish we catch in the lake) and I’m having a hard time upping her intake.   Is there a decent protein powder I can have her add to her smoothly bowls she’s obsessed with while I keep trying the soups and broths you mentioned to another emailer?  The health of our kids is of great concern to me looking at their food choices at school and now that she’s mobile and can go buy her own junk.

I’d also like to find a functional medicine provider in MN for us but it’s daunting whos for real or who’s a fake?  My extreme distrust of the main stream medical community as a result of the Vid and my father dying of a massive heart attach after being told he was Soooo Healthy has made it difficult to trust anyone.

Thanks Lisa

2. Weight Loss While On Hyperthyroid Medication [26:26]

Douglas says:

Hi Robb, I am a 56 yr old male recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. My doctor has placed me on methimazole 2.5 mg and my numbers look great. The problem is that since being on the medication my weight has gone from 215 to 240 and I am 6'2" tall. I have read many articles stating that it is hard if not impossible to lose weight while on Methimazole. My PA states it is not the medication, but my thyroid that is piling on the pounds. Do you have any recommendations on what I can do start losing weight? I loved your cleared hot podcast and I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.

3. Trouble sleeping with delaying breakfast or eating low carb [29:55]

Flannery says:


I'm curious to hear your thoughts on why I have trouble sleeping if I don't eat first thing in the morning or if I decrease the carbs in my diet.

I’m often not hungry in the morning, but if I skip breakfast or move my first meal to more than about an hour from when I wake up (usually between 6:30 -7:30) I will have significant trouble falling/staying asleep that night. The same thing happens when I shift my diet to include more fat and less carbohydrate as my primary fuel source. I’m a fairly competent food tracker, so I believe I am keeping my calories and protein the same as I make these changes. I’ve also tried (per your inspiration) increasing my salt intake by about 2g sodium/day (above just salting food to taste) when I delay my first meal or decrease carbs, but it has not improved my sleep.

I don't have a huge need to delay breakfast or shift my diet, but some days higher fat/lower carb just sounds better and I’d like to be able to be more flexible with my diet without losing sleep.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.




-I'm a 33 y.o. active woman (I have a pretty physical job as a farmer and work out 3-4x weekly either rock climbing or barbell strength training).

-I’m fairly lean with a body comp I’m happy with (5 '8'' and 125lbs).

-I don’t think I’m under-eating calories or protein. When I track I seem to maintain on about 2000-2500 kcal and I love protein, typically averaging about 110-140g/daily mostly from meat and greek yogurt. Usually my diet breaks down to about 25% protein, 45% carbs, 30% fat.

-I’ve been eating my own version of paleo/W.A.Price-ish for about 10 years (I include rice and dairy, I don’t eat nuts and seeds.)


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