249: Jess Reid Suggests You Ask Yourself 4 Questions To Rewire A Belief

Today Jimmy welcomes Jess Reid to REAL TALK to chat about the 4 questions you should ask yourself.


“We will continue to uncover beliefs that are making us uncomfortable and are holding us back.”

- Jess Reid


In this episode, Jimmy talks again with his friend and fellow keto diet enthusiast Jess Reid (@theketofit) from The Keto Fit. Jess is not only a keto coach and life coach, but also a self-care coach helping her clients deal with all the head stuff associated with changing habits and beliefs they have had for their entire lives. One of the biggest challenges people face is how vitally important it is to change your beliefs if you ever hope to change your behaviors to make better choices. Tune in to this important power-packed episode as Jimmy and Jess talk about self-sabotage, why we form the beliefs we do, how we fill our brains constantly with information to reinforce existing beliefs, how to move from false and harmful beliefs to true and helpful ones, what it takes to rewire your brain through priming and repetition, and the four questions you should ask yourself to fully rewire a belief. This one is SOLID GOLD, so take notes and learn!

Listen to Jess’ Self-Care Keto Podcast: http://anchor.fm/selfcareketo

LLVLC 1763 (FULL EPISODE): Jess Reid On Effective Strategies For Overcoming Emotional Eating: https://youtu.be/VIo92Bhu8FI

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