Down Under | A Spark, A Warrior, and World Parkinson's Day

This is part one of three of a mini-series of episodes we are calling “Down Under.” Host Larry Gifford gets you ready for World Parkinson’s Day. Learn about the new international symbol for Parkinson’s disease named “THE SPARK” and how you can use it.  Where to watch the world premiere of the new documentary “The Long Road to Hope: Ending Parkinson’s Disease.” The Parkinson Unity Walk in Central Park in New York City is going to take place April 23. IF you can’t make it, you can still participate, we’ll tell you how.   The featured guest is Founder of PD Warrior and the Insight into Parkinson’s virtual conference Melissa McConaghy, FACP. Melissa takes us behind the curtains of PD Warrior and gets us ready for Insight into Parkinson’s Conference. We discuss stigma, self care, and neuro plasticity. Thank you for listening. EMAIL US:   Have questions for Larry & Rebecca?  Want to share how your conversations go with your partner? We would love you to click and call us here. Follow us, Larry & Rebecca Gifford  Twitter: @ParkinsonsPod Facebook: Instagram: @parkinsonspod KEY LINKS FOR THIS EPISODE Documentary: The Long Road to Hope | Ending Parkinson’s Disease The Spark PD Warrior Insight into Parkinson’s Unity Walk – Mediflix – Thanks to Dila Velazquez – Story Producer Greg Schott – Sound Design Our Promotional Partners include:   Diagnosed with Parkinson’s? You are not alone. Contact presenting partner Parkinson Canada, call the toll free hotline 1-800-565-3000 or on Twitter you can message @ParkinsonCanada. Thanks also to our content and promotional partners The Michael J. Fox Foundation Parkinson’s Podcast hosted by Larry Gifford as featured in the MJFF2021 Year in Review. PD Avengers –  We are building a global alliance to end Parkinson’s. Join us. World Parkinson Congress 2023 – It’s time to start thinking about making your plans to join us for #WPC2023 in Barcelona, Spain for the sixth triennial congress. Spotlight YOPD – The only Parkinson’s organization dedicated to raising awareness for Young Onset Parkinson’s disease and funds for the Cure Parkinson’s Trust.       See for privacy information.

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