Satsang with Sitaram Das and Anandamali

    Satsang With Anandamali Last week, I had the honor to speak at the San Francisco stop of the Evolving Caravan tour. The caravan travels around the world and brings together speakers that discuss consciousness, technology, well being, a variety of other topics related to where we are and where we’re going. I felt embraced and welcomed by my fellow speakers, as well as by the audience and the organizers. It was a great vibe, full of obviously brilliant and committed individuals. There was a real sense that people were doing their part to create a better world, really walking the walk. It had a very avant garde feel to it. I tend to spend most of my time in more traditional circles, classical yoga and meditation communities. Many of these folks weren’t constrained by a single tradition. Full of raw talent, they appeared to have taken dives into scholarship and practice, and emerged to make it their own. It was refreshing. It was like listening to Kronos Quartet, which if you’re not familiar is famously creative and innovate string quartet that is always surprising and always brilliant. I’m listening to them as I’m writing this, getting myself pumped up for their concert with Zakir Hussian laster this month. If you’re in SF, you should come. Just as I love Kronos, and the experimental, I also love the classical. Bach Cello Suites. Which is why i was also thrilled to meet Anandamali there. Anandamali is a traditional advaita satsang leader in Santa Cruz. We clicked immediately and started chatting. That chatting turned into this podcast. We discuss all manner of things that you would expect from two guys that love non-dual teachings. Topics like, how to move from a personal practice to a lifestyle that supports the awakened state. You know, light stuff. Stay tuned, there will be more podcasts with other wonderful folks from the evolving caravan, and I might even end up on some of theirs as well. Visit Anandamali at his website Visit Mokshananda at his website Visit Evolving Caravan Here

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