159: Candle Therapy

TW: The subject of suicidal ideation is discussed along with self harm and strong sexual themes. Please listen responsibly.

Please help us welcome Jen from The ExMo Candle Co. to today's show. Jen bravely and generously shared with us her story of shame and abuse inflicted by the LDS church. She now funnels those experiences, and the resulting trauma, into making candles - a business she shares with her husband Adri. If you're interested in purchasing the "Gay Away the Pray" candle (or any of their amazing varieties), please cut and paste www.exmocandles.com into a browser window and click on the Creator Candles tab at the top of the site. A portion of the proceeds from each "Gay Away the Pray" candle helps support this podcast! Thank you in advance!

Music provided by Purple Planet: https://purple-planet.com.

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