25. When you experience "the great terrible"

What should have been an exciting new chapter of life, began with the funerals of her dad and then mom. Morgan Coyner joins me in the studio today to talk about her "great terrible", grief, death, addiction, and how the kindness of God can be found in even the darkest corners. In this episode, we discuss: How vital community is during seasons of grief When you struggle to see the kindness of the Lord How you can't allow your sin and shame to stay in the darkness The importance of lamenting and having space to wrestle with your doubts, anger, and disappointment Scripture mentioned: John 14:18 Psalm 68:6 1 Peter 5:10 Resources mentioned: The Next Door TND video Morgan talks about You can buy this cute T-shirt and support The Next Door TND Hope Line: 855-TND-HOPE Sponors: Faithful Counseling - Professional mental health counseling from a Biblical perspective 25 Days in Philippians The College Girl's Survival Guide

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