23. When death leads to freedom

You are going to love my new friend and songstress, Hope Darst. This conversation of identity and finding freedom, quickly became a theological discussion and I am here for it. Hope's story is going to challenge you and move you, and you're definitely going to want to listen to her album, Peace Be Still, after it's over. In this episode, we discuss: How do we become aware of the lies we are believing? What does it practically look like to die to self? How do we transform our mind, feelings, and behavior to do what God wants us to do? How the goodness of God is often most experienced amidst things that do not feel good How the story of Joseph can reframe our expectations of the Christian life Scripture mentioned: Rom 12:2 Psalm 91 Resources mentioned: Hope's debut album- Peace Be Still Episode Sponsors: Faithful Counseling - Professional mental health counseling from a Biblical perspective 25 Days in Philippians The College Girl's Survival Guide

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