15. When you're in the desert

Kristi McLelland is one of my favorite Bible teachers and she's got a story for you about a time when she followed God's leading straight into a desert, and how even in our darkest days, the Living God is better than we will ever know. In this episode, we discuss: How to create space in our lives that allows God to fill it How to trust God in the desert How walking in the mystery of life with God is better than having certainty of what's to come How to help our friends who are in a dark place How the Psalms can help us pray when we're in pain How to take the leap of faith and obey God's leading when you're scared or too comfortable Scripture mentioned: Psalm 78:19 Romans 12:15 Resources mentioned: Kristi's Jesus a Women Study Henri Nouwen Wounded Healer More about Kristi and New Lens Biblical Studies My theme song and ad music is by my amazing friend, Shaylee Simeone. Check her out.

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