Freedom Requires Restraint

What does it really mean to be free? Does it mean that you're free of all restraints? If it does— as many in our culture seem to think— then exercising that kind of freedom will lead to your demise. Can you really create your own reality, independent of the facts? You’ll be amazed at what some college students think about this. You’ll hear an unforgettable clip of what they say about what should be uncontroversial and obvious truths. During this show, Frank unpacks the critical difference between being free FROM and being free TO. He also shows why the cancel culture is so joyless and hostile, and why you will never get peace without truth. If you want to send us a question for the show, please email us at Subscribe on iTunes: Rate and review! Thanks!!! Subscribe on Google Play: Subscribe on Spotify: Subscribe on Stitcher:   FreedomRequiresRestraint-IDHEFTBAAPodcast5.14.21

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