Dasvi Movie Review | Abhishek Bachchan | Nimrat Kaur | Yami Gautam

With all good intentions to educate and entertain the audience, Dasvi starring Abhishek Bachchan, Yami Gautam and Nimrat Kaur, somewhere falls prey to its own chaos and confusion and ends up all over the place. Director Tushar Jalota has mixed too many elements to convey one simple message, and it loses focus way more often than you would expect. As a result, the inconsistent storytelling makes the film appear half-baked and ineffective. The film traces the life of a brash, illiterate and corrupt chief minister Ganga Ram Chaudhary (Abhishek Bachchan), who, for his unexplained criminal records, including an educational scam, is sent to judicial custody. While he's imprisoned, his docile and timid wife Bimla Devi (Nimrat Kaur) takes over the chief minister's chair in fictional Hamit Pradesh and begins to love the power it brings. Meanwhile, the minister is taken to task inside the jail when a strict and lawful cop Jyoti Deswal (Yami Gautam) is appointed as the new superintendent. It's after an altercation between these two when Jyoti calls Ganga 'anpadh gawaar' and he takes up the challenge of completing his Class 10 exam. This comes with a condition that if he fails to clear the exam, he won't take the chair of CM again. Ganga needs to pass both these tests - inside the jail and outside where his wife has just become quite intent on keeping the chair he asked her to fill for him.

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