↓Episode 82 How to Diagnose a Suburban RV Water Heater

In episode 82 Eric walks us through diagnosing problems with Suburban Water Heaters. More specifically Eric will cover 110-volt system and propane (or 12 volts) systems found on Suburban Water Heaters. He'll be going through step by step explaining how everything works, what should be happening, and how it relates to the overall system. Learning how to diagnose water heater problems before they happen will save you a lot of headaches down the road. Not to mention how much easier it will be to take to a shop when you know exactly what is wrong with your system! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Mudflap: https://www.mudflapinc.com/ (https://www.mudflapinc.com/) RV Parts a Accessories: https://arizonarvpartscenter.com/ (https://arizonarvpartscenter.com/) Our Sunshade Products: https://sunpromfg.com/ (https://sunpromfg.com/) Support this podcast

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