Modernize or Die® - CFML News for May 4th, 2021 - Episode 102

2021-05-04 Weekly News - Episode 102Watch the video version on YouTube at Hosts: Eric Peterson - Senior Developer for Ortus SolutionsBrad Wood - Software Consultant for Ortus SolutionsThanks to our Sponsor - Ortus SolutionsThe makers of ColdBox, CommandBox, ForgeBox, TestBox and almost every other Box out there. A few ways  to say thanks back to Ortus Solutions:- Like and subscribe to our videos on youtube. - Sign up for a free or paid account on CFCasts, which is releasing new content every week- Buy Ortus’s new Book - 102 ColdBox HMVC Quick Tips and Tricks on GumRoad SupportWe have 36 patreons providing 83% of the funding for our Modernize or Die Podcasts via our Patreon site: If you love our podcasts and all we do for the #coldfusion #cfml community considers chipping in, we are almost there! News and EventsCommandBox 5.3.0 ReleasedWe are pleased to announce the general availability of our latest CommandBox CLI release. This is a minor release that's full of bug fixes and enhancements.  It should be backwards compatible (with one caveat below) and you can upgrade any previous version of CommandBox in-place to the latest release. decommissioning - Adobe Docker image updateOn May 1, 2021, all Bintray services will be deprecated, and your accounts will be disabled. For more information, see the official Bintray blog. This means that the ColdFusion, Performance Monitoring Toolset, and API Manager containers for the versions 2016/2018/2021 will no longer be accessible. This may lead to interruption in your automation scripts and other CI/CD pipelines.We have moved all the containers to ColdFusion downloads. You’ll load the tar file in Docker and then run ColdFusion or the other tools. Webinar - Reach for the Clouds with FusionReactorMay 12, 2021 05:00 PM in Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna8am PST, 10am CSTFusionReactor APM has been available as a cloud-based or SaaS solution for a few years now. This webinar will reveal what additional capabilities and benefits this platform has to offer (on top of everything which FusionReactor on-premise provides). We will also answer questions about licensing, data retention and technical aspects of expanding to the cloud. - Adobe’s ColdFusion Certification price dropsAdobe Certified Professional: Adobe ColdFusion is an industry-leading certification program from Adobe, for Adobe ColdFusion developers. The course consists of 50+ online videos and is designed for professionals who have basic to advanced level proficiency in any computer language and basic understanding of how web pages work. Successfully passing an assessment test at the end of the program will reward participants with a badge and certificate from Adobe. Only $149 Adobe Webinar- Building modern web apps with ContentBox Modular CMS with Luis MajanoMay 5, 2021 - 12 PM ET ContentBox is a professional open source modular content management system powered by ColdBox HMVC and ColdFusion.  In this session, we will get an overview of this CMS platform and how you can leverage to not only deliver content based applications, but any modern web application thanks to its powerful headless API and ColdBox services. Adobe Webinar Series - API Creation and ManagementNext Webinar:  5/12/21ColdFusion Developers, do you want a first hand look at publishing APIs securely and at scale? Then mark your calendars for Brian Sappey’s upcoming webinars! This seven-part series will give you a 360 degree view of the API Manager and teach you how to build RESTful APIs with Adobe ColdFusion. Everything from securing, publishing and monitoring APIs, will be covered with hands-on examples, and easy discussions.Dates: 3/24/21, 3/25/21, 4/28/21, 4/29/31, 5/12/21, 5/13/21, 5/24/21Information: Registration: ICYMI - Online CF Meetup - "Installing CF2021: choices, challenges, and solutions", with Charlie ArehartThursday, April 29, 202111:00 AM to 12:00 PM CDTIf you're considering moving to CF2021, there are some things to consider before or as you may install it. First, there’s a new “zip” install option, in addition to the traditional full installer. What’s that about? why should you use it? what are some challenges, and why might you not want to? We'll cover that... Recording: Content Updates Just Released - Object-Oriented Programming with Nolan Erck (      - Introduction      - Basics of OOP      - Why Use Components      - Creating and Instantiating ComponentsComing up soon- More CommandBox Zero to Hero- More What’s new with ColdBox 6- Up and Running with Quick- LogBox 101- Using DocBoxSend your suggestions at and TrainingAdobe ColdFusion Developers WeekJune 22-24, 2021 - OnlineCoders, mark your calendars for Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week 2021!Coders, Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week 2021 is edging closer! This year, we’ve lined up a series of sessions and webinars that will give you a 360-degree view of ColdFusion 2021’s brand new features and updates. Right from developing cloud-native applications to reducing downtime, these webinars will let you in on the best tips to deploy applications rapidly and seamlessly.This is your chance to meet coders from across the globe and exchange ideas with some of the best minds in the industry. And that’s not all! Your presence at the conference will earn you points that can help you win exciting prizes and vouchers. Our scoreboard will keep track of active participation!Whether you’re a new developer, someone with little or no experience with Adobe ColdFusion, or even if you have been using it all your life, Adobe ColdFusion Developers Week 2021 is where you need to be. Don’t miss out! Summit Online - AmericasMay 12-13Online and Free AWS Summit Online is designed for developers and IT professionals looking to learn how to build and innovate at scale using AWS Cloud. Hear the very latest from AWS executives, attend breakout sessions featuring customer stories, and engage with AWS experts to get your questions answered. Enhance your skills with hands-on labs and workshops, learn from inspiring demos, and discover what AWS and our Partner Solutions can do for your business.This free online conference is designed to educate you about AWS services; and help you design, deploy, and operate infrastructure and applications. Google I/OMay 18-20 - Online and Free for EveryoneConnect with developers from around the world at this year's virtual Google I/O for thoughtful discussions, hands-on learning with Google experts, and a first look at our latest developer products. MS BuildMay 25-27Learn. Connect. Code. Explore what’s next in tech and the future of hybrid work. Find solutions, sharpen skills, and find what you can add to your toolbox at this year’s event. DockerConMay 27th 2021DockerCon 2021 is a free, one-day virtual event that is a unique experience for developers and development teams who are building the next generation of modern applications. If you want to learn about how to go from code to cloud fast and how to solve your development challenges, DockerCon 2021 offers engaging live content to help you build, share and run your applications.Call for Speakers open until Midnight April 1st Apple WWDC21 - Glow and beholdJune 7-11The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is coming to a screen near you, June 7 to 11. Join the worldwide developer community for an all-online program with exciting announcements, sessions, and labs at no cost. You’ll get a first look at the latest Apple platforms, tools, and technologies — so you can create your most innovative apps and games yet.Learn about this year’s Swift Student Challenge, and stay tuned for additional details. Ortus Workshops - Dates coming soon- CommandBox Zero to Hero- ColdBox Zero to Hero- ColdBox Hero to SuperHeroOrtus’s Possible Conferences for 2021Dates subject to changeDue to Online conference overload, we are thinking about not expanding the number of events, but more content in more timezones with a different format.ITB - Developer Week Style?? - (please be in-person!!!)With some European Timezone Friendly slots from our European Community MembersSeptember 2021Call for speakers coming soonITB LatamDecember 2021More conferencesNeed more conferences, this site has a huge list of conferences for almost any language/community. Is now on the list - Blogs, Tweets and Videos of the WeekBlog - Ben Nadel - GetTickCount() Precision Argument In Lucee CFML other day, while looking through some Lucee CFML documentation, I came across an example that used the built-in getTickCount() function with an argument. I've been using getTickCount() since the beginning of time and I never once noticed that it accepted an argument (at least in the Lucee CFML runtime). As such, I thought it might be worth sharing this feature more broadly. - Adam Cameron - How TDD and automated testing helped me solve an Nginx config problem I had created for myselfTestBox and TDD to the rescue (again)! - Ben Nadel - Modernizing My CSV (Comma Separated Value) Parser In Lucee CFML the past week, I've written a few posts about generating CSV (Comma Separated Value) data in ColdFusion, including some experimentation with "lazy" queries and streaming CSV files in Lucee CFML. Just coincidentally, Adam Cameron asked me about a very old post that I wrote for parsing CSV data in ColdFusion. I had taken that post down due to some questionable content; so, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to rewrite my CSV parser using modern ColdFusion syntax in Lucee CFML - Wil de Bruin - Scheduled tasks in ColdboxLuis Majano recently described the coldbox 6.4.0 release, which is mainly about scheduling. There is extensive documentation but scheduling is now so easy to code, I just wanted to share some examples with you. Coldbox 6.4 was only released a few weeks ago, but I think is is so extremely useful, we already implemented it in several projects - Ben Nadel - Using ColdFusion Custom Tags To Create An HTML Email DSL In Lucee CFML, Part XIVAfter months of incrementally building-out my ColdFusion custom tag DSL (Domain Specific Language) for HTML emails, I've started to apply this technique to the transactional emails at InVision! I'm totes excited about this, not only because I think it will bring a pleasant unity to the look-and-feel of our transactional emails, but also because it will put the DSL to the test in a real-world scenario. And, already, it's starting to flesh-out some issues. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I've stumbled over some unexpected behaviors with the getBaseTagList() function and the getBaseTagData() function in Lucee CFML; as such, I'm going to simplify the way I walk the parent-tag list in my DSL. - Adam Cameron - Abort; abort;Lucee’s tag-in-script syntax strikes again - Ben Nadel - Setting Global, Default Tag Attributes With "this.tag" In Lucee CFML Lucee CFML, you can assign global, default tag attributes using the this.tag object in the Application.cfc ColdFusion component. I've never actually used this before; and, I've seen the technique mentioned both with and without the cf-prefix. As such, I wasn't sure what the official approach was; and, I wanted to try it out for myself in Lucee CFML It seems that both syntax approaches work. - Adam Cameron - CFML: pseudo-constructor polymorphic inheritance expectations managementIt would seem the pseudo-constructor code of a base-class is not aware it's being called from a sub-class - Wil de Bruin - Closures vs lambda expressionsYes, if you ever read my twitter profile, I am a bit old fashioned. I started writing CFML when it was still called DBML loooooong ago. Javascript was still simple, and javascript frameworks were eh… nonexisting? So don’t expect me to explain you everything about closures and lambda expressions. But they are not the same in CFML (ColdFusion, specifically), that’s what I found out today. The hard way. JobsSeveral positions available on over 76 ColdFusion positions from 48 companies across 49 locations in 5 Countries since Dec 1st.33 new jobs this week - several same post with multiple citiesCheck out the website for all of the listingsForgeBox Module of the WeekQuick and qb CheatsheetsNot a module, but a handy cheatsheet for interacting with two of our previous modules of the week! Code Hint Tips and Tricks of the WeekThunder ClientThunder Client is a GUI based Rest API Client Extension for Visual Studio Code, hand-crafted with simple and clean design. you to all of our Patreon SupportersThese individuals are personally supporting our open source initiatives to ensure the great toolings like CommandBox, ForgeBox, ColdBox,  ContentBox, TestBox and all the other boxes keep getting the continuous development they need, and funds the cloud infrastructure at our community relies on like ForgeBox for our Package Management with CommandBox. You can support us on Patreon here Bronze Packages and up, now get a ForgeBox Pro and CFCasts subscriptions as a perk for their Patreon Subscription.- All Patreon supporters have a Profile badge on the Community Website- All Patreon supporters have their own Private Forum access on the Community WebsiteDon BellamyEric HoffmanDavid BelangerGary KnightGiancarlo GomezJonathan PerretMario RodriguesJeffry McGee - Sunstar MediaJohn Wilson - Synaptrix Yogesh MathurJoseph LamoreeBen NadelBrett DeLineCarl Von StettenCharlie ArehartDan CardDaniel GarciaDidier LesnickiEdgardo CabezasJan JannekJason DaigerJeff McClainJeremy AdamsJonas ErikssonJordan ClarkKai KoenigLaksma TirtohadiLeon SeremelisMatthew DarbyMatthew ClementeMingo HagenPatrick FlynnRoss PhillipsScott SteinbeckStephany MongeSteven KlotzWil de BruinYou can see an up to date list of all sponsors on Ortus Solutions' Website ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

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