Sex in Quarantine! Live or Not!

Listener question for the week: how can I be more comfortable telling my new-ish partner what I'm into sexually? Let's talk about it, as well as how to make this virtual dating thing a bit more creative and interesting, AND how to go easy on yourself and your partner because everyone handles this differently. Also, it's Passover this week so free yourself from whatever is keeping YOU enslaved, and celebrate what you're already free from that perhaps you weren't before. Let's celebrate whatever we can right now, and keep moving forward! Send me your Qs and if you're in a couple and would like to come on the show and talk about either quarantining or not together and what is or isn't working for you, reach out! I'd love to hear from you! Now listen up! Book Recs from this episode: Come As You Are, Because it Feels Good Pod Rec: The Savage Lovecast Follow Not Your Therapist Podcast on Instagram and send us your questions!

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