Polyamory Story Hour

First up: plenty of hot tips for our current situation and how to feel MORE connected and hopeful romantically - not less. And THEN. Goddess Angel Anderson is here to entrance, educate, and soothe us with her incredible story of marriage, infidelity, radical honesty, and polyamory. Angel currently has two boyfriends AND a comet. What's a comet, you ask? You must listen to find out! Angel is a downright SAGE and we can learn SO MUCH from her. Whether you think polyamory might be your thing or not (resources below), every word out of her mouth is liquid gold for living a happy fulfilling romantic and overall life. This woman is wise and hot AF and it SHOWS. I barely talk at all in this episode! That's how you KNOW it's good. So settle in, cuddle up, and listen up! And write us a review while you're at it! I know you got the time. Resources: The Ethical Slut (book), Sex at Dawn (book), Polyamory Weekly (podcast) Follow Not Your Therapist Podcast on Instagram and send us your questions!   @notyourtherapistpodcast

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