Checking In and Sharing My Chapter in Amazon's #1 New Releases Bestseller "In Her Purpose"

Hi! Remember me? My bad. I keep failing forward but happy to own and share my mistakes along the way! I'm honored to be a co-author of In Her Purpose - Amazon's #1 New Releases Bestseller, but I haven't checked in with you via the podcast - something I committed to doing weekly. I have no excuses except the ones I try to give you in this episode. I will do better and appreciate y'all holding me accountable. In this episode, I'll give you an update on the last couple of weeks as well as read my chapter to you from In Her Purpose. If you're interested in reading/listening to the other chapters, you can find the book at under "what I'm reading" :) Cheers, love, and gratitude! --- Send in a voice message:

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