Special: My Mistakes and Misconceptions re. Black Lives Matter

A special and uncomfortable episode sharing my many mistakes and misconceptions regarding Black Lives Matter.  This episode includes:  - Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter / Blue Lives Matter  - Taboo and uncomfortable questions and topics  - Why has it taken me so long to speak up?  - Why we shouldn't ask our Black friends to help us feel more comfortable  - Should we use the term African American or Black?  - How to deal with haters on social media  - Where do we get our news and can we trust it?  - Is kneeling during the national anthem disrespectful? - Is this just a passing trend?  - Are celebs donating money to encourage violence and riots?  - Is everyone happy to see police officers taking a knee? What other questions do you have? I'm happy to ask for us and you can remain anonymous - email is jackie@jackiejames.com. Thank you, my friends and cheers to better times ahead. Special thanks to my friends and teachers Richard Farley (https://www.instagram.com/richardfarleyjr/) and Jesse Golden (https://www.instagram.com/jessegolden/) and to Chris Rock (https://www.instagram.com/chrisrock/) and Michael Che (http://www.michaelche.com/) for their comedy gold and thank you to Nate Boyer (https://www.instagram.com/nateboyer37/) for educating us via Richard Farley on what taking a knee actually means. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/whiskey-with-jackie-james/message

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