JH130: Homeschooling High School with Davonne Parks

High school, it used to give me hives. Now? I am homeschooling two kids in high school, and I am tackling some of YOUR questions with my friend Davonne who is also homeschooling high school. We are answering the following questions:  What were our thoughts on high school when we first started out homeschooling? How have they changed?  How does our children’s high school look like right now?  Will our kids do dual enrollment?  How do you create transcripts?  How do you motivate a teen to care about high school?  How do you know if your kids are getting enough knowledge and experiences?  What are your children's plans for post-high school and how are you preparing them for it?  Catch show notes and more at Joyfullyhomeschooling.com Thank you to our podcast Sponsors Teaching Textbooks and Notgrass History

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