JH122: Sharing My Favorite Homeschool Method

Because so many people are homeschooling right now, and because sometimes even after a year or two (or five) of homeschooling you change your method up a bit I wanted to do a series all about the different methods of homeschooling. So, for the month of September, I have SIX episodes all about the homeschool methods. Today I am peeling back the curtain on a day in the life of MY Homeschool. We are eclectic homeschoolers. What does that mean? We use a variety of homeschooling resources. My heart wants to be Charlotte Mason, but the reality is I can’t do it. So, we use a hodgepodge and have some Charlotte Mason tendencies. When it comes to being a homeschool mom, no matter which method of homeschooling you use, there is no magic formula to the perfect day. So, while I hope this series gives you a peek into other homeschool methods, I also hope you remember to not measure your homeschool day with any of ours. We are all just balancing. Doing the best we can, and hoping it’s enough. These peeks into the other methods are just that, a peek, so take a look, learn, and then find the method that works best for you! Podcast Sponsor Gentle Guitar Shownotes can be found at JoyfullyHomeschooling.com

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