JH120: How to Make Your Kids Hate Homeschooling

I think many of us, as we begin new homeschool years have these BIG plans, and we don't allow ourselves a lot of flexibility, or we are set in our ways and aren't willing to adjust things to better serve the needs of our family. These mistakes, and a few other things I want to share, can make our kids HATE homeschooling. I am sharing what I have learned about how we can get our kids to hate homeschooling in this episode. Moms, I don’t know about you, but I want my kids to look back on homeschooling with a smile on their face. I want them to remember it as a fun time, yes, we have to do school, and that may not always be great, but I don’t want them to hate homeschooling. I want them to love it! If you want to start off the year encouraged and ready for a more joyful homeschool, don't miss this episode! Thank you to our podcast sponsor, Gentle Guitar. Find show notes and more at JoyfullyHomeschooling.com

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