The Future of PSA

In this episode, Jerry, Erin, and Briella discuss: Learning and training PSA, even when you’re young.  Different ways that you can train with toys and with food.  Lessons learned from training a PSA dog.  Inspiration and the future of PSA.    Key Takeaways: Engaging with your dog is extremely important.  When training at club, don’t compare yourself to other people. Just focus on what you’re doing and what your dog is doing. Dog training is a journey that you and your dog are going through together.  Do at least one thing every day with your dog.    "When somebody is giving you information, don’t be distracted by other people. Focus on your dog." —  Briella   Get Jerry's book Controlled Aggression on   Contact Jerry: Website: Email: Tarheel Canine Training: Youtube:  tarheelcanine Twitter: @tarheelcanine Instagram: @tarheelk9 Facebook: TarheelCanineTraining Protection Sports Website: Patreon: Slideshare: Tarheel Canine   Sponsors:  ALM K9 Equipment: PSA a American Schutzhund: Tarheel Canine:     Train hard, train smart, be safe.     Show notes by Podcastologist Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie   Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it.   

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