S3 Episode 44: "On the record" with Dr. Mary Cablk

Dr. Cablk is well known in the SAR community and more recently become known to Law Enforcement on various cases she has testified on. We discuss all this is so much more. Dr. Mary E. Cablk is an expert in detection and systems. In her research, she draws upon knowledge from multiple fields such as olfaction, analytical chemistry, learning, cognitive and industrial/occupational psychology, forensics, spatial analysis, pattern analysis, and image processing. Her interests focus on transforming qualitative observation into quantitative data and combining multiple input data types to solve complex challenges related to detection, in a field setting. Her research and expertise has taken her around the world where she has addressed audiences and worked with colleagues on landmine detection, wildlife detection, recovery of human remains, and search and rescue, among others. She works closely with relevant agencies and organizations on the development and implementation of credentialing and standards for canine teams in a variety of disciplines. Dr. Cablk has been instrumental in developing a Ph.D. program in forensic anthropology at the University of Nevada Reno, where she is an adjunct professor and mentors graduate students. She is an auxiliary deputy with several county Sheriff Offices in the State of Nevada and is a resource to the State of California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.  You can contact Dr. Cablk at Mary.Cablk@dri.edu  Show Sponsors:  Scent Wheels Are you looking for Scent wheels for detection training?? Some of the best in the business are made sold by Pat Nolan, go visit Pat Nolan's website.  www.tacticaldirectionalk9.com  SciK9  Home of the TADD (Training Aid Delivery Device). Protect your training aid and give your dogs one of the best and safest ways to be trained to detect odor.  Go visit www.scik9.com  Precision Explosives  Do you want a great source for explosive training aids as well as a way to train on REAL explosives and do so safely and not need various licenses? Go check out the Scent imprint pads from Precision Explosives. Todd Wilbur and his staff follow strict protocols to ensure you get the industry's best training aids.  Go visit www.pre-exp.com  FORD K9 LLC.  www.fordk9.com LOOKING FOR YOUR NEXT DOG? Contact us here at Ford K9 to purchase your next fully trained Detection Dog. Now you can also pick one of our raised puppy to detection dogs.  Email info@fordk9.com  Ford K9 MOBILE CLASSROOM - We come to YOU. Any one of our classes and seminars can come to you and your area. Contact us today to schedule.  FORD K9 in LAS VEGAS: Attend any one of our classes or seminars. Ford K9 now offers the new CSDT (Certified Sport Detection Dog Trainer) classes. We offer Level 1 and Level 2. Becoming a CSDT will help you develop as a trainer and become more familiar and efficient as a trainer working with all types of dogs and handlers wanting to join in the great sport of scent detection.  Ford K9 also offers CPDT (Canine Police/Professional Detection Dog Training School ) Levels 1, 2, and Master Trainer. This is for Handlers and Trainers or those working professional detection dogs such as Explosive, Firearm, Narcotic, Mass Media, and Cell Phone Detection.  SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for K9s TALKING SCENTS PODCAST you now have all kinds of gear for you guys from Shirts, Hats, Mugs and more just got to www.fordk9.com and click on the ONLINE STORE

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