Make Your Message Heard with Victoria Wellman

What sets memorable stories, presentations, and speeches apart from the ordinary? If you think it has to do with the speaker's innate ability, you'll be surprised to learn that it doesn't.

Fortunately, Victoria Wellman knows how to craft compelling messages and overcome our fear of public speaking. Victoria is the Co-Founder of The Oratory Laboratory, a Manhattan-based boutique creative agency for public speakers. Formerly a journalist, copywriter, producer, a trained actress and voice-over artist, Victoria has crafted speeches for influencers, politicians, entrepreneurs, Olympians, NFL stars, astronauts, rap stars, artists, and activists, and has garnered media attention from The Today Show, Martha Stewart, CNN, NPR, NBC, ABC and CBS News.

Victoria turned author with her newly released book, "Before You Say Anything", in which she details the creative process behind crafting memorable speeches. Giving a speech- or any form of communication, is about synthesizing ideas - which is the core of creativity.

Some tips we discuss:

  • How to identify ideas you want to share. Creative exploration and experimentation start even before you think of what to say.

  • Consider your audience. Include them in your narrative. Your message is not a graded monologue but a dialogue

  • Embed your personal narrative into your message. Originality clicks better with your audience and makes people remember your message for longer.


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