S2E6: Alex Paquin - How to maximise customer experience with branding

We’ve partnered with ProtoPie, the future of interactive product design, to help you navigate through uncertainty and overcome the challenges today's unprecedented conditions have brought to the industry. Join us for Season 2 - Designing for a new level of uncertainty. Advertising and branding have been around as long as there have been things to sell. What new and innovative approaches can brands use to maximise their marketing impact and deliver solutions that satisfy today’s ever changing customer needs? How do different cultures affect the approach for creating and marketing products and how does the marketing itself have to change to appeal to customers? What techniques can be used to explore creative ideas that aren’t necessarily part of a brief provided by a client? How can this culture be embedded in an agency’s way of working? About our guest Alex is the Chief Executive Officer, and founder of Zerotrillion, a global creative agency that provides services to organisations in different continents, with very diverse cultures and approaches to marketing. Alex has worked at a number of agencies during his career in Dubai, Amsterdam and Toronto. He brings a wealth of experience from his background in criminology and social psychology and applies this to creating experiences for well-known and upcoming brands. What you’ll learn What do creatives do in an advertising agency? How can behavioural psychology be used to form part of a design or marketing approach? What is unique about brands and their customers in Dubai? How do you create brands for future looking brands and ideas like sustainability? How are you are brands and marketers adapting to the changes that have happened in consumer the landscape in 2020? Show notes Wally Olins - Brand Handbook Ben Horowitz - The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers

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