S2E5: Jani Cortesini - How to run design sprints virtually

We’ve partnered with ProtoPie, the future of interactive product design, to help you navigate through uncertainty and overcome the challenges today's unprecedented conditions have brought to the industry. Join us for Season 2 - Designing for a new level of uncertainty. Design Sprints have been around for quite some time. It is a process that has been created by Google and adopted by many. It allows businesses to get answers to strategic questions quickly, using design thinking methods and tools. The ZOO, Google's creative think tank for brands and agencies, has adopted and implemented Design Sprints as a way of helping brands quickly ideate, iterate, prototype and test creative ideas that then get implemented and launched. During lockdown and due to people not being able to get together in a workshop environment, Design Sprint Masters have had to utilise different tools and methods of facilitation, and have had to change the process to fit with the new reality. In this episode you’ll learn more about how they’re doing it at Google ZOO, what they’ve learnt in the process so far, what has worked and hasn’t worked as well as tips to make your remote sprints successful. About our guest Jani runs Design Sprints to help brands and agency partners solve business problems through user insight, Google Technology (from Machine Learning and Voice Interfaces to YouTube Content and Data Driven Creative) and rapid prototyping. What you’ll learn What problems do Design Sprints solve? What’s the best thing about Design Sprints? What are some of the challenges clients have implementing them? When shouldn’t you use a Design Sprint? What are the challenges in running Sprints remotely? What are some of the benefits of facilitating things remotely? What methods have had to change due to the pandemic? Are Design Sprints as effective when not done in person? How does prototyping work in a remote environment? How have Design Sprints evolved over time? Show notes About Google ZOO All about Design Sprints

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