S2E4: Anthony Baker - Using AI and machine learning to reduce uncertainty

We’ve partnered with ProtoPie, the future of interactive product design, to help you navigate through uncertainty and overcome the challenges today's unprecedented conditions have brought to the industry. Join us for Season 2 - Designing for a new level of uncertainty. Design and the technology used to implement it, have always been two sides of the same coin. How can these two disciplines come together and utilise new technological tools like artificial intelligence, language processing and machine learning to deliver better experiences? Can these technologies help Designers make more informed decisions and mitigate risk? Different cultures can also impact the challenges Designers and Technologists face. How is the Japanese digital landscape different to the UK and what opportunities does it bring for creativity? About our guest From Costa Rica in South America to Japan, Anthony Baker has a very interesting and international trajectory. Currently, he is Executive Technology Director at R/GA. He was based in London and then moved to Japan, learnt the language and now manages teams and clients in the region. What you’ll learn How does the design and business culture differ in Japan and what are the challenges? How can you overcome a culture of consensus and lack of risk taking to push boundaries? How can technology and design work together to create digital experiences that meet user needs? How can you get clients and stakeholders involved in prototyping? How can artificial intelligence and machine learning enhance the experiences we can build for customers? How does technology allow you to make better design decisions? Should design and user needs drive the technology we use or vice versa? What changes have there been around the digitisation of internal platforms in Japan to help ways of working during the pandemic? Show notes Disrupting Japan podcast The Happiness Lab

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