S2E2: Kieron Leppard - Is Design Thinking still the answer?

We’ve partnered with ProtoPie, the future of interactive product design, to help you navigate through uncertainty and overcome the challenges today's unprecedented conditions have brought to the industry. Join us for Season 2 - Designing for a new level of uncertainty. Design Thinking has been used for many years as a framework to solve all kinds of problems. Is this methodology still valid, when customers, organisations and the society are facing a completely new and unprecedented set of conditions? Kieron Leppard shares his experience working with different clients during the pandemic, talks about the challenges they’re facing and gives his point of view on Design Thinking and how designers can help make change rather than just being part of it. He also highlights the accelerated importance of "Society Centered Design” and how this should be part of everything designers and organisations are delivering during this time. Kieron believes Design Thinking is still the right methodology to deliver value, but he encourages Designers to focus on real solutions rather than just deliverables. Speculative design processes and constant prototyping and testing are some of the techniques that Kieron thinks Designers should keep utilising in order to respond to this new level of uncertainty. About our guest Kieron is the Vice President Experience Design at HUGE. Apart from juggling family during two lockdowns in the UK, Kieron has also been helping his clients respond quickly to their digital needs. Kieron is an Interaction Designer at heart.This means he designs how people interact with brands, products, services and experiences to get something done. How they look, how they behave, how they feel. He is always. He always gives a fresh perspective on design and provides tangible and practical advice. What you’ll learn How has Covid-19 impacted what businesses are asking from designers How can designers help clients navigate this new level of uncertainty What can designers do to help companies unlock existing value rather than looking for new products or services What is society centered design and how do you apply it How can designers help with change and not just to be part of it Is our responsibility as designers to help define the new normal Show notes Rethinking Design Thinking Design will grow up Society Centered Design 

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