Battle of the Flagships: R3 vs. Z9 vs. A1

The Lensrentals Podcast is finally back, and today we're tackling questions that many people have been wondering about - comparing the three latest flagships from the Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Join Ryan Hill, Joey Miller, and Zach Sutton as they walk through all the features of each camera, to determine which one is best for each use case. Though the Canon R3 was released in late November, the Nikon Z9 was released in December, and the Sony A1 was released in early 2021, supply has been incredibly limited on all three systems. As such, many people haven't had the opportunity to get the cameras in their hands, leaving us with a lot of questions. In this episode of the Lensrentals Podcast, listen in as we try to answer all your questions, and share our opinions on which one is our personal favorite.

  • Rent the R3, Z9, or A1 and try them out for yourself.


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