WyomingVermontSouthDakota - 1st episode in our state bashing series to make for glorious nation of Disbeeristan

EP1 of our State Bashing Series has BEGUN!!! We started off with Wyoming, Vermont, and South Dakota because those are the only 3 states that we HAVEN'T had ANY listeners in :(. Well luck have it, we got 1 listener from Wyoming about 2 weeks ago, so now we are in the ear holes of 50% of that states population :) Were bashing every state.  NO state is safe.  Fuck your state.  Disbeer Does DeStates.   * Follow us in the Twitter universe - @beer_dis * Go to our website disbeerndistress.com * Listen to us on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Castbox, Stitcher, Player FM, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, and all major podcast platforms

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