79: Behind the Scenes – Creating two Epic Dataviz Templates w/ Raquel Seville and Anna Ria

Welcome to another exciting masterclass! Today I’m taking you behind the scenes of how two women leaders on our BI Brainz team, created not one, but two of our most downloaded dashboard templates ever! To share these juicy details, we are joined by Raquel Seville, CEO of BI Brainz Caribbean, and Anna Ria, our very own Head of Design and well-known BI Data Storytelling Accelerator trainer. In the first part, you’ll hear from Raquel, as she explains how she used our BI Data Storytelling Framework to transform a 271-page annual report into a simple, insightful Power BI Stock Dashboard template that got a thumbs-up from the company’s CEO on social media. Then, we jump into part two with Anna, as she shares the unique inspiration behind our now-famous Analytics Design Guide template and why she believes it became one of the most downloaded templates in BI Brainz history, with over 600 downloads in the first 48 hours! In this episode, you'll learn: [0:05:33] What Raquel has learned as a woman in a male-dominated industry. [0:06:10] How she built a single view dashboard from a 271-page annual report by focusing on a clear goal. [0:10:16] Raquel’s idea to create the Stock Data Viz Template, a free Power BI Dashboard. [0:28:27] What the Analytics Design Guide (or ADG) actually is: a set of guidelines that anybody can use. [0:30:46] Who will benefit from using the ADG, from novices to dashboard wizards! [0:34:08] How ADG can help users that are “over creative” by honing in on specific areas. [0:35:10] The story-driven analytics that drive the ADG and why Anna believes that storytelling is crucial for success. For full show notes, and the links mentioned visit: https://bibrainz.com/podcast/79  Enjoyed the Show?  Please leave us a review on iTunes.

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