78: Mindset of a Rockstar Data Analyst w/ Trevor Tapscott

Our focus for this inspiring episode of AOF is mindset, especially if you want to be a standout data analyst! I have brought one of my first ever followers and day ones! Trevor Tapscott is a VP and Analytics Consultant at Wells Fargo and has been in the game for 20 years and counting. We connected in 2008, when he was seeking help with a visualization tool called Xcelsius. In this knowledge bomb filled episode, Trevor shares his thoughts on what sets great data analysts apart, his framework ‘VTAC’ for impactful data analysis, and how to approach making an impression when applying for positions in data!   Trevor makes a number of really important points around understanding the business of data, what the role of an analyst truly is, and what goes into the mindset of a rock star in the space! We unpack indispensable parts of the relationships that make up the work of a data consultant, and our guest talks about getting to grips with a user's vision and their 'why'. Trevor also talks about the recent BIDS Accelerator class that he attended and the lessons he has already started implementing from that! Make sure to stay tuned to the end to hear about the amazing raffle that Trevor is hosting for listeners and how you can enter to win!    In this episode, you'll learn: [0:12:00] Trevor's basic definition of the role of a data analyst and what it means to be a rockstar! [0:15:02] The importance of understanding the business of data and the value of business insights.  [0:18:20] Unpacking Trevor's VTAC process: vision, translation, action, change and how to use it for delivery mode For full show notes, and the links mentioned visit: https://bibrainz.com/podcast/78    Enjoyed the Show?  Please leave us a review on iTunes.

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