#164 What’s Bias Got To Do With It? A Discussion With Jury Experts on How To Plan for, Identify, and Address Jury Bias.

Jury bias is an important issue that should be understood and considered by all trial teams, including for antitrust cases. How and when should antitrust attorneys begin to address issues of bias? Jury experts Christina Ouska and Johanna Hillard of JuryScope join John Roberti and Jaclyn Phillips to explain to us what we mean when we talk about jury bias, when trial teams should start thinking about jury bias, and what attorneys can do about it. Listen to this important episode to start to understand this big topic and learn strategies to deal with bias from the early stages of your case.

With special guests:

Johanna Hillard, President, JuryScope and Christina Ouska, Senior Trial Consultant, JuryScope

Hosted by:

Jaclyn Phillips, White & Case and John Roberti, Cohen & Gresser LLP

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