Jurassic Minutes March 2022

Hello and welcome to The March issue of Jurassic Minutes. 


Where we discuss recent movie, toy and franchise news for the Jurassic series. 





On this episode we will be discussing 

-toys, soo Many toys as marketing for dominion shifts to high gear, 

-and special effects magazine fangoria gets up close and personal with the animatronics team behind dominions dinosaurs. 


All that and more coming up in the news…


Recent Toy or Prop Purchases?

Happy birthday TLW minute. 5 years old this month!!!


Brad - tlw matchbox garage play set

Dave - W-Dragon JP3 T. rex, Ammonite fossil in shadowbox

W dragon Trex



00:09:54 Socials and the Fandom:

 Bravo to twitter for posting “official news” that dominion was being pushed back to 2023. Very funny.


Also collect jurassic with the April fool announcement of a Mattel visitor centre play set. 


Now for the news

First up thank you to Collect Jurassic for the fantastic photos and reveals of many of the figures we will be talking about on this episode. There’s soo much dominion marketing coming out now from plush toys to activity books etc, but we choose a couple of figures to look closer at. To see the full line up check out collect jurassic on fb or their web site. 


00:13:18 New to Jurassic legacy we have the kitchen escape set featuring a new lex figure, Tim and a raptor in the classic kitchen diorama 



00:21:38 Play sets are back, and we have two coming so far for dominion.



Super colossal is giving us two new figures for dominion to go along with the giga. A repaint of the Rex and atrociraptor called ghost.



There’s been a ton of dominion human and Dino packs announced, but I wanted to have a closer look one in particular.


00:31:01 And finally the Hammond collection is hinting at some re do’s of characters we’ve got in every line, and a couple of new Dino’s.


Movie news

00:36:56 Fangoria magazine has released images of the animatronic crew and their creations ahead of the dominion release in June. 



But that’s it for march’s news, we are hoping for another trailer and some more info on camp c season 5 in April. 

 As for us, the Fallen Kingdom minute will premiere this week. More details in episode one so check it out and as always if you have any feedback let us know and we’ll discuss it on the show. 



Thank you for listening. 

-Anything else we'd like to bring up?

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