AAA 518: Xiaomi's Liquid Lens Camera - Mi Mix Fold and Mi 1 Ultra, Android Ready SE Alliance, Assistant Memory

Your next Pixel phone might also be your car keys Announcing the Android Ready SE Alliance T-Mobile is betting big on Google's Android services: RCS, YouTube TV, Pixel, and more Google's Android 12 preview lands another update Xiaomi announces the Mi Mix Fold, its first folding phone Xiaomi's new flagship has a giant camera bump with its own OLED screen Xiaomi Announces Mi 11 Ultra: The Largest Smartphone Camera Motorola launches its first flagship Moto G phone: the Moto G100 Google Assistant 'Memory' supercharges saving and reminders on Android, in development Google is using federated learning to improve Assistant's "Hey Google" accuracy Google's Area 120 made a slick document scanner app Stack: PDF Scanner + Document Organizer Read our show notes here: Hosts: Jason Howell, Florence Ion, and Ron Richards Subscribe to All About Android at Sponsor:

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